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An occupied home previously on the market but not staged, with taste specific décor that was a challenge for buyers to overcome.
Still occupied when re-listed, but furniture was removed/moved and new pieces brought in for wider appeal.
With bold wall colors, dark furniture and no distinctive architectural features, a fresh approach was needed.
Light furniture, a lively patterned rug and art that popped turned a featureless room into something exciting.
The strong kitchen color was overwhelming but painting was not an option.
By adding floor to ceiling drapes and complementary colors, yellow was no longer the only thing you noticed.
A standard condo kitchen in good condition, but didn't stand out from other kitchens in the complex.
A spacious bedroom with attached bath, but doesn't evoke a sense of serenity at the end of the day.
With soothing colors, luxurious bedding and a soft rug, buyers could envision a Master Retreat.
This home in a trendy Yountville location needed a fresh look and suggestions for furniture layout.
Stylish furniture, bright colors and wood tones to bring the outside in gave buyers the idea that California casual living was possible here.
Exterior spaces, particularly in locales with nearly year round outdoor living (like California) are becoming increasingly important to stage
A recently remodeled home beautifully furnished inside, but little effort given to the exterior. Although large, the space was divided and prospective buyers overlooked its value and potential.
By relocating some furniture and adding new pieces with colorful, seasonally appropriate accessories, each area was given a purpose and flowed easily from one to another. Now the space looked larger and more usable, allowing buyers to envision themselves enjoying it.
Successful staging is more than attractive furniture placed appropriately - details matter
To attract the greatest number of potential buyers in today's market, a positive online presence is critical. 89% of potential home buyers search real estate websites and view photos before choosing which houses to visit. When reviewing the before and after photos in this site, consider which homes you would be most likely to visit based on the photographs.
A work table provided utilitarian purpose and separated the kitchen from the adjacent dining room; bright colors took the space from bland to distinctive.