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Taste specific wall color and furniture from two households with conflicting styles gave this townhouse a cluttered, disjointed feel. Since it would remain occupied, the home needed to work for the sellers, but remain "show-ready".
One easy-to-access wall was painted white and colors that worked well with the remaining walls were brought in via curtains, pillows and accessories.  Some furniture pieces were removed, others re-arranged and new furniture, art and accessories added to create a coordinated, stylish look.
A modern farmhouse with plenty of space and windows but showed "dark" and difficult for buyers to imagine how rooms could be used effectively.
Dark furniture lining living room walls was replaced with light pieces centered in the room. In the Master, bed was relocated to allow room for a seating area. What had been a playroom became the Dining Room, a more appropriate use for most buyers.
Used as a rental before being listed, this rural house first needed some repairs and a fresh coat of neutral paint for the walls.  Furnishing and layering came next.
Living room was small but well placed and properly scaled furniture showed ample seating was possible.  In keeping with the style and rural location, furnishings were kept casual and slightly rustic - comfortable and welcoming whether the new owner was looking for a permanent residence or getaway retreat.
Older condo with quirky features, including a lava rock fireplace that was the first thing buyers saw upon entry. Biggest challenge was to find a way to neither highlight nor fight the elephant in the room. Using earthy tones and textures helped minimize its central position in the room and gave the room a warm and cozy feel.
Condo's large kitchen needed to serve multiple purposes (kitchen, dining, storage) but not clear how  when empty. Using a glass topped table with wood chairs to mimic other wood in the kitchen and living room, plus accessories to hint at additional storage, this condo now looked fun and  functional.
On the surface, decorating choices appear to be all about beauty and comfort. Look closer and you’ll see more. Empty or cluttered rooms appear smaller than they really are, which good staging corrects. It also offers clues to the buyer for making rooms usable  After all, an unused room is a waste of space.