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A spacious new construction home with beautiful finishes, but buyers find it challenging to see the value of an empty space. The open kitchen/living/dining area was large and could be viewed as more overwhelming than appealing, and what became the office wasn't well defined when vacant.  With attention to layout in each room and a color palette that flowed throughout, buyers could visualize the space not as cold and intimidating, but warm and inviting.
Bedroom BEFORE
Bedroom AFTER
An older townhouse that could benefit from updating but was livable as-is. In the kitchen, a work table, metal shelving and bistro set added functionality, while graphic wall art and accessories added interest. By refreshing the living room with properly scaled furniture and color accents, buyers were better able to see the positive features and value of the unit.  Upstairs bedrooms were large and easy to imagine furniture placement, so staging was limited to the downstairs interior and patio.
A downtown Victorian with some updates but room for more. This home needed a blend of contemporary and vintage furnishings to attract as many buyers as possible but still honor its heritage. Softly worn antique tables lent history and patina to more modern upholstered seating and a soft color palette was chosen to enhance the existing pastel walls.
Furnished rental with furniture but little else.

Existing furniture was retained, but supplemented with new pieces for improved functionality.

New bedding, art and accessories were also purchased, making it  move-in ready for new tenants.
Vacation home with dark furniture,  lacking in color and texture.

To add character and warmth, décor items ranging from rugs and lamps to pillows, art and greenery created an ambience that took the property from sterile to welcoming.
Lovely home with a neutral base in a trendy location.  Using contemporary furnishings (including reclaimed wood and metals) with a current color scheme that continued throughout, this listing was ready to spark the imagination of potential buyers looking for a property near popular Wine Country eateries and tasting rooms.
Staging works best when rooms aren’t fantasies with little relationship to the way people actually live (or have the budget to achieve). The stager hopes to offer inspiration and insight into the potential of a home, but for an emotional connection, it should be realistic for a range of buyers with different tastes.