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What is Staging?

​Staging is showcasing a property for appeal to the widest possible audience, thus maximizing its marketability to achieve a faster sale at a higher price. Staging should include both interior and exterior and focus on creating an emotional response from buyers. Staging's goal is to accentuate a property's positives and minimize its negatives. A well staged home doesn’t reflect the personal taste of the seller, but does display warmth, scale, harmony and cohesion.

Is there a difference between decorating a home for everyday living and staging a house for sale?      

YES ! Although both should utilize the principles and elements of good design, there are a number of critical differences. For example, the decor of a residence should reflect the personality and lifestyle of its occupants. But when a house is properly staged for sale, it should appeal to the widest possible audience, reflecting likely buyers' tastes. Buyers must be able to envision themselves living in the space, yet only 10% of them can actually look beyond a seller's personal items. Releasing the emotional connection to a home is often the most difficult part of the staging process for its owners and a good reason to enlist the help of a staging professional.
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Deborah's Approach to Staging
The path to successful staging begins with a partnership between a professional STAGER and a professional REALTOR®. A stager can objectively assess a property to identify its strengths and weaknesses and create a tailored design plan. A REALTOR®understands current market conditions and can prepare a targeted buyer profile. Working as a team will result in an effective design and marketing plan that achieves the ultimate goal – selling the property quickly and for top dollar.

When creating a design plan I consider practical needs, not just style. Properties should be visually enticing (both in photographs and on site), but it is just as important for them to be livable. Using a large inventory in a variety of styles and staying in touch with current design and color trends, I stage homes to stand out from the competition and attract buyers. Equal consideration is given to how potential buyers can actually use a space, making it easier for them to imagine themselves living there.

As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. This site includes a wide variety of before and after photos. You’ll see occupied and vacant properties, small condos and large single family homes, vacation/furnished rentals and primary residences. Photos are changed periodically to reflect new projects, so check back to see for yourself the positive impact staging can have on selling your home 
​                                                                                                         Deborah Coffee, Owner